Discovery Bible Discussion Stories

Is it best to use a bunch of discovery bible discussion stories or one of the gospels when you help people to discover Jesus around the table? Choosing one of the 4 biographies of Jesus found in the New Testament is a great way to introduce people to Jesus.
      • Matthew has lots of detail and was written to prove to the Jews that Jesus was the Messiah and so goes into a lot of Old Testament details that were relevant to the Jews, but perhaps not so relevant for a seeker today.
      • Mark is a cut down straight to the point version of Matthew, written to the Roman gentiles, non Jewish people like many today.
      • Luke is a historical view of who Jesus was with lots of stories about the important events in his life.
      • John focuses on the latter part of Jesus life and was written to demonstrate that Jesus is who he says he is; the son of God.
But instead of reading through one of the gospels, another way of leading people to discover Jesus is to focus on a different discovery bible story about Jesus each time you meet. 
I’ve put together a list of 15 discussion topics that provide a pathway to help a person to discover who Jesus is and decide whether they will choose to follow Him. Each study has a major question that can be used in conjunction with the general discussion questions. My personal preference is now to use the discovery bible stories listed below rather than going chapter by chapter through a gospel. The stories have been chosen from all four gospels to give an overview of his life, death and resurrection and to each week have a specific focus. 
Of course, you don’t have to go week by week in the order I’ve listed. Rather go with what is relevant for where the group is at, addressing the major questions that they have. 
I pray that you will find many who are interested in discovering who Jesus is and that you will have the indescribable privilege of leading many people to discover Jesus.
StudyDiscussionStory / PassageKey Question
1The Birth of JesusMatthew 1:18-25, Luke 2:1-20Who do you think Jesus was?
2The Baptism of JesusMatthew 3:13-17Why did Jesus think He needed to get baptised?
3Jesus’ Call To Follow HimMark 2:13-17Who does Jesus call to follow Him?
4Jesus Begins His MinistryMark 1:21-34Why were people so amazed at what Jesus did?
5Jesus Heals The ParalegicLuke 5:17-26What upset the religious leaders about what Jesus did?
6The Parable of The Lost SonLuke 15:11-32What does this story tell us about the love of God?
7Jesus Claims About HimselfJohn 5:19-24Who does Jesus claim to be?
8Jesus Performs MiraclesMatthew 14:13-33Who do you say Jesus was?
9Jesus Heals The SickMatthew 9:18-34What role does faith have in healing?
10Jesus Forgives The Woman Caught In AdulteryJohn 7:53-8:11How does Jesus treat our sins?
11Jesus Washes The Feet Of His DisciplesJohn 13:1-35What does the kind of love Jesus demonstrated look like today?
12Jesus Anointed With PerfumeLuke 7:36-50What does it mean to be forgiven much?
13Jesus Death On The CrossMark 15:21-41Why did Jesus die on the cross?
14The Empty TombJohn 20:1-31How will you respond to the claim that Jesus is the Son of God?
15Jesus Resurrection To Eternal LifeAct1 1:1-9How will you respond to the resurrection of Jesus?
ps – I’ve also put together some more thoughts on how to effectively run a discovery bible discussion like we’ve talked about here and you can read more about how to disciple people to faith here.

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