Exploring Faith?

If you’re exploring christian faith, it can be intimidating knowing where to start.

At Tailrace, we welcome you to freely explore.

Perhaps try one of the below:


Is an 11-week course designed to help you explore the basics of the Christian faith in a low-pressure, discussion-based environment. Each week there’s time to connect with others, watch a short film on an aspect of the Christian faith, and discuss your questions with others.

If you want to find out when the next course is running, get in touch.

Join an alpha group at tailrace community church and ask some of life's big questions. Tailrace community church small groups. Launceston christian church

Small Groups

Most of our church gather in small groups in people’s homes throughout the week. Over food and drink, great conversations happen as we share our lives with one another. This is a great space to have your story and questions heard.

Sunday Service

Going to a church for the first time can be intimidating. We want you to know that you are welcome. Hopefully we can help reduce any anxiousness you might feel about it here.

exploring faith at tailrace community church

Why Faith?

You might have noticed, but it’s not 2014 anymore. Life seems somehow different.

In retrospect the pre COVID times feel almost naive.

To be frank it’s an uncomfortable realisation.

Somehow we’re not where we thought we’d be.

The societal promises we believed have been broken. This isn’t utopia. I’m not where I thought I’d be.

A cost of living crises, ideology wars, disappointing political realities, the return of trench warfare, distrust of big tech and pharma, a wellbeing epidemic and an age of disinformation. It’s been an unsettling journey.

And now we find ourselves no longer attached to the old and perhaps trying to reattach to something new. Simply put; we’re searching for something better. Something to make us feel healthier, stronger, and more secure. Because the old structures didn’t deliver.

We believe the currents of life have nudged you in the direction of something more.

This something more we refer to as faith.

Come and explore with us.