Eating & Drinking

When we are trying to figure out this thing called life we often don’t think something as ordinary as the Table might have some answers.  But Jesus spent a lot of time at the table.  Erwin Mc Mannus says, “If we are going to eat like Jesus we need to walk like Jesus otherwise we will end up looking like Buddha.”

For many people having a simple meal with Jesus meant they felt heard, seen, and loved.  It was where they experienced God for the first time.  It’s easy to dismiss the table as a life changing place for community. Yet for Jesus and those learning how to do life with Jesus the table became a central practice. We explored eating and drinking in our series “Dining Room Faith”. 

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1. Eating and Drinking with the lost

Jesus modelled to us eating and drinking with people everywhere.  To demonstrate God’s love and welcome by inviting people to the table.

2. Eating and drinking with family

Jesus ate with family.  Eating and drinking with your spiritual family is a spiritual practice which builds love and allows unity and oneness to grow.

3. Eating and Drinking with God

Jesus ate with God and invited his disciples into this space.  To eat with one another is powerful and can change the world.

4. Jesus started communion

Jesus broke bread and shared the wine. He asked us to do likewise.  If he asked us it must be an important part of living.

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