Finding Freedom

The Ultimate Exodus
June 2022

Welcome to our series “The Ultimate Exodus: Finding Freedom”. In this series we will be exploring the book of Exodus and exploring what Exodus has to say on the topic of freedom.  

Week 1. Jono – Preparing for Salvation

In our first week of our new series  Jono defines slavery as anything that we put above God. We hope you are challenged to look at what those things are in your own life.

Week 2. Tim – Spiritual Encounters

This week Tim discusses spiritual encounters and how we can respond to them, using the story of Moses and the burning bush.

Week 3. Jono – Who is the Lord?

Jono shares with us God’s desire to restore order to the chaos of our lives. 

Week 4. Sharon – Remembering Passover

This week Sharon breaks down the story of Passover in Exodus and the story of the sacrificial lamb. She explores the question of, “Why does God demand a cost be paid for sin?”