Live Simple

FEB 2022

Our culture invites us into complex, messy ways of living.

The invitation to accumulate is never ending.  We spend a lot of time, money, and emotional energy  searching for things which never make us happy or contented for long.  

Our culture invites us into messy complicated ways of living with each other which leads to energy drains, confusion and creates complications.

Jesus invites us to live life simply. To create space to simply enjoy the goodness of life with Him and His kingdom. In this series we explore what it means to live simple and how we can practice this in a world that can be messy and complicated. 

1. The Propaganda of More

Emma Dobson shares with us how our society tells us we need more to be fulfilled.

She offers some strategies to learn how to withstand the propaganda and to live simple.

2. Speaking Plain & Simple

Our world is filled with complex, cluttered conversations.

  Jono O’Neill offers some insight into how to have simple conversations that are clear.

Extra Resources to Live Simple

The True Cost Documentary

live simple, the true cost documentary

The Minimalists

the minimalists. live simple series

Interview with Joshua Becker

John is a founder of the minimalist  movement.  As a follower of Jesus and former pastor, Joshua is full of insight into the intersection between the way of Jesus and minimalism. 

Simplifying the Closet

A short tutorial from minimalist teacher Joshua Becker, with best practices for simplifying your wardrobe.