This is Us

Giving, Serving, Loving our neighbour as Christ loved us.

Meet our Pastors

sharon o'neill

Sharon O'Neill

Let us introduce you to our Senior Pastor Sharon.

“I pastor and help lead the Tailrace Centre, Jude’s Cafe, Kids Paradise and all the little ways we send love on its way. I love Tailrace Community Church with all of its rich diversity of colour, different spiritual spaces, and the rugged beauty of different stories told. I love advocating and championing the rights of children. 

I’m not good at running slow through life. I struggle with hurry and hustle and taking days off.

I don’t think my heart will ever join the crowd who don’t dream, imagine or pioneer.”

jono o'neill

Jono O'Neill

Let us introduce you to our Associate Pastor Jono.
He’s been in love with his youth sweetheart for over a decade. He is dad to little Camilla who is bringing so much delight and joy. He loves soccer, footy, any game with a ball. He gets pretty protective of young people and wants to see them thrive and flourish.
A big heart for justice and well being.
We are grateful for his awesome preacher, the way he empowers, and includes. If ever you get a chance to sit in one of his leadership debrief sessions you will find him laughing – lots.

Tim O'Neill

Let us introduce you to our Senior Pastor Tim

Tim is passionate about the church being missional and inclusive.

He’s okay about being misunderstood if it means people have an opportunity to hear about Jesus and are included in the life of healthy church communities.

He is passionate about capacity building, planting churches, growing and developing leaders, and empowering individuals to live to their full potential. 

He currently leads the movement of churches Tailrace belongs to called the Acts 2 Alliance and he leads Exponential accelerating healthy churches.

One of the things we love about Tim is the freedom he gives to all of us to create, pioneer and innovate.

You can make mistakes and it’s okay.  He is a consummate encourager.

Despite his busy you will always find him in a small group environment doing life with people because at the end of the day that’s what he enjoys most…being with every day people doing this thing called life.

Part of a global movement

Acts 2 Alliance churches in Australia,  as well as Exponential Australia.  Committed to the values found in Acts chapter 2 with a strong emphasis on making disciples.