Tailrace Conference and Events.

Tailrace Conference and Events

Tailrace Conference and Events

We love providing hospitality for conferences, events, training, fundraisers. We love employing people and training them in hospitality.  With a beautiful facility we want the community to feel it is their home to use. Partnering with NOSS in training special needs persons we offer training in hospitality on site through the Red Shed Project.

At the Tailrace Centre we’re passionate about making every moment special.

Whether it’s a coffee date with Nan, a 5th birthday party or your wedding.

We love extending hospitality to the community. We do this through our Function Centre, the Tailrace Cafe and our children’s playground, Kids Paradise.

This means there’s something for everyone at the Tailrace Centre. Additionally, we delight in showing love to the local community and we do this in many ways. From hosting children’s and family events, to supporting local fundraisers, we are always finding ways to express this love. Because of this, The Tailrace Centre is a not for profit organisation. It is also owned by Tailrace Community Church. At Tailrace, our profits go towards a variety of local, national and international community projects. You can view these projects on Our Impact page. Our vision is “Changing Lives. Changing Community” and we would love it if you became a part of this vision. 

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