The Story So Far.

Tailrace Community Church is a part of the A2A network of churches.

It was planted in 1994, when Tim and Sharon O’Neill felt led to proclaim the goodness of Christ. Their social world was crumbling as a large number of people lost their lives to suicide within a short period of time. Moved by the reality of a world so lacking in hope, they planted New Directions Community Church (which is now known as Tailrace Community Church). At the time of planting they believed that a “real pastor” would come along and take over the church. It was after a few years of toil that it dawned on them that they were the pastors that God was calling.

The church met at Riverside High School for many years until the land at the current site was acquired in 2005. A building project began which birthed the Tailrace Center in 2007. This has been the home for the church ever since.

the story so far of tailrace community church

The church has a storied history of wrestling with the application of loving God and neighbour, and the mission of making disciples. (The great commandment and the great commission). It’s cultural values have been shaped most profoundly by the early church that is seen in Acts 2:42-47.

In April 2024 they passed the senior leadership to one of their 3 children, Jono.

Tim and Sharon are still deeply involved in the life of the church.

Over the lifespan of the church, there have been several other churches planted, dozens of outward focussed ministries launched, and scores of leaders who were released into ministry elsewhere. Of this sending of churches, ministries and leaders there are many continue to thrive outside of Tailrace today.

The church remains steadfast in it’s mission and love for God.