At Tailrace, we’re passionate about seeing young people thrive and we believe that building places of belonging, community and fun is the key to this! We have several youth programs that are aimed at helping the youth connect with one another and Jesus. 

Join Tailrace Youth!

Friday’s 6pm – 8pm | Grades 6 – 10
Every Friday Night During School Term in Downstairs Kids Paradise

Tailrace Youth

Who We Are

At Tailrace Youth we’re all about creating a fun and safe environment where youth can come and hang out with their friends, learn valuable life lessons and eat lot’s of pizza!

At Tailrace Youth we aim to open up a conversation about Jesus and what he has to teach us. We like to sum up his teachings in 4 words; Love God, Love Others.

Meet our Team

Meet our amazing Youth Team! Led by Jono O’Neill and Taliah Schmidtke, our team is made up of a bunch of incredible young volunteers. Many of them attended youth group themselves and are all passionate about creating a place where all youth can feel like they belong. We love their big hearts!

Tailrace Youth

Youth Timeline

6:00 – Arrive / Free Play
6:20 – Dinner
6:45 – Games
7:05 – Gather back together
7:10 – Message
7:30 – Small Groups
7:40 – Free Play
8:00 – Pick Up Time

Join Charge

Tuesday's 4pm – 5pm | Grades 6 – 10
Every Tuesday Afternoon During School Term in Upstairs in Jude's Cafe with Taliah & Luke.

Charge is our after school bible study group. It’s for the kids who are wanting to go deeper with their relationship with God, or just learn more about who Jesus is. We hang out, play games, eat snacks and read the bible. It’s a great place for youth to connect with their friends. 

Youth Employment

Work at Jude's & Kids Paradise!

At Tailrace were passionate about giving young people opportunities to grow. We know that employment is a big part in young people developing self-confidence. It’s really empowering to learn new skills, discover what you’re good at and gain experience in the workplace. We love seeing young people mature and thrive in workplace.

Youth Camp

Youth camp is always a highlight of our year! It’s so awesome to see young people gather together, make new friends, experience God on a deeper level and have loads and loads of fun! 

youth camp tailrace
tailrace youth camp

Get in Touch

Thinking about coming along to one of our Youth Programs or wanting to become a Youth leader? 

We would love to get in touch with you. 

Contact Us

[email protected]
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Phone: 6327 4538

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Where To Find Us

Find us at the Tailrace Centre, 1 Waterfront Dr Riverside. Youth Group takes place in downstairs Kids Paradise and is accessible from the bottom carpark.