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Welcome to the Tailrace Conversations Podcast. We believe that people are seeking more in life. Yet if we don’t find it, we become tired, disillusioned and restless. BUT, when people discover love and truth, they come alive and face life in a different kind of way.

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Permission To Be You

Welcome to our series “Permission To Be You”

“Be yourselfeveryone else is already taken” – Oscar Wilde. In our latest series, “Permission To Be You”… we chat to people about how they are wired and gifted for the common good.  We explore how through the use of our gifts we bring goodness to the world.

How To Pray

Have you ever found yourself in a moment of crises and suddenly found yourself praying? Almost all of us have. But what is prayer and how do we pray? Is there a right or wrong way? Are there certain things we should be praying for and does it actually make a difference? Throughout this series we have conversations with different people about their experience of prayer and hear their stories of highs and lows.

A Different Definition of Love

“Love is the conversation we care most about, but it’s one of the things hardest to do.” In this series we talk about love and what it calls us to do. We question what it really means to love and how we can practically do this in our everyday lives and on a global scale.

Jesus I Am…

Welcome to our series “Jesus I Am.” I this series we discuss what Jesus calls us to do and who he calls us to be.

Covid Chats

Covid has created a lot of turmoil and change in a very short space. In Covid Chats we talk about how we can cope and even thrive during this time.