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In our latest series, “Jesus I Am” we look at who Jesus calls us to be and what he calls us to do.

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who do you say I am?

Jesus I Am… Who Do You Say I Am? | Conversations Ep.6

Welcome Back to Our Series Jesus I Am…!This Week We’re Our Topic is “Who Do You Say I Am?”.This week Jono sat down with Sharon and Matt and had a very honest conversation about self worth, mental health and God’s grace.

hitting reset

Jesus I Am… Hitting Reset | Conversations Ep. 5

Welcome Back to Week Two of Jesus I Am…This Week We’re Tackling the Topic of “Jesus I Am… Hitting Reset.”This week Tim sat down with Sharon and Mary and discussed how they’re hitting reset in this season. In the midst of social

Jesus I Am… A Friend of Sinners | Conversations Ep.4

This Sunday we kick off with our New Series:Jesus I Am.This Week We’re tacking the Topic of Jesus I Am… A Friend of SinnersJono, Tim and Sharon chat about how Jesus was a friend of sinners. Our culture has been

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